Our Story

Incorporating plants like chamomile that enhance a meditative state, this mist creates a calming, safe haven for restorative rest. Frankincense helps to relieve stress, while lavender aids in promoting sleep. Spritz onto fresh linens before bedtime as part of your sleep ritual.

Refresh - clean green notes of Petitgrain, Violet Leaf & Frankincense Ground - earthy wood notes of Hinoki, Cedarwood & Frankincense Calm - soothing herbal notes of Lavender, Clary Sage & Rosewood. Purify - refined floral notes of Geranium, Jasmine & Rosewood.

“When I make something happen or bring something to fruition out of my own will.”

“When I make something happen or bring something to fruition out of my own will.”

hikma was born from the desire to reintroduce personal and collective rituals into your lifestyle. We understand the tradition and science of pure botanicals—and how to formulate them for a better way of living. Inspired by both knowledge and legacy, hikma’s products are expertly developed in small batches with formulations that are stripped back to the basics—allowing those all-natural ingredients to take center stage.

Incorporating essences native to the Canadian and North African territories and traditions (a nod to our founder’s roots), as well as plants that are indigenous to our home environment in the United Arab Emirates, hikma blends botanical wisdom with a research-based approach to wellness to create products that enhance your everyday life. From mists to facial oils and serums, each product serves a true purpose, and always has our holistic approach to wellbeing at its core.

We’re upfront about what goes into each of our products—and where they come from. That’s why we strive to always source plants ethically and sustainably, without ever compromising on quality. By forming transparent and lasting relationships with our partners, we can ensure that every single essence in our products is of the highest standard, skin-safe, and adheres to our stringent guidelines for human and environmental health. It’s also a testament to what our resilient natural environment can produce.

Reclaim your ritual.