Our Values

At hikma, our holistic approach provides a gentle modality to support our innate ability to heal through the wisdom of plants. There is immense power in reappropriating control over our own health and wellbeing, and we believe in herbalism as a tool to do just that. hikma is a reminder of the bond between humans and nature; we believe that when we are connected to ourselves that we are connected to the earth.

About herbalism

Herbalism is the tradition of studying and using herbs for their healing properties. Plant-based medicines are made from differing combinations of plant parts e.g. leaves, flowers or roots. Each part can have different medicinal uses and the many types of chemical constituents require different extraction methods.

Trained Herbalists treat a wide variety of conditions. They focus on treating the whole personal - physical symptoms and emotional health. Herbalism is suitable for people of any age, including children, who respond especially well to the gentle actions of herbs. Each patient is treated as an individual – a Herbalist recognizes that no two patients are the same.

How we formulate our products

Formulation is the process by which herbalists mix plants together to create something even more powerful than each herb alone, for a specific purpose or client.

At hikma, we understand the energetics and the phytochemical makeup of the herbs — and how they can complement and balance each other. That is the key to creating the most potent formulations that really allow the herbs to live up to their full potential. Just like people, herbs work better when they’re in community, supported and balanced by others that offset what they may be lacking.

We often use something called organoleptics to understand not only the effects and affinities of the individual plants we’re working with, but also the balance that’s required in the final product. Combining herbs that complement and balance each other creates synergy, meaning the final product is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Our tinctures are made up of potent and concentrated plant extracts in a base glycerin. Our bodies absorb this liquid form of plant medicine quicker, making them fast acting. Our tinctures utilize multiple extraction techniques to maximize their potency, including:

  • Combining glycerin and water extracts in a very specific ratio to ensure a very wide array of phytochemicals make it from the herbs into the product.
  • Utilizing heat extraction for the glycerites which draws phytocompounds that cannot be extracted at room temperature.
  • Utilizing very specific water extraction techniques that are dependent upon each different herb, for the purpose of preserving the natural essential oils from the plants and other volatile compounds


We believe that we are interconnected with all life on Earth. Because of this belief, our approach is rooted in sustainability; our aim is to foster and support practices that are regenerative and create a symbiotic ecosystem that protects both the land and the plants.

The suppliers we work with are thoughtful custodians of the earth: they care for the soil and use regenerative farming methods that nourish rather than deplete the land. By supporting communities and growers that follow this ethos, we are able to create products based on a reciprocal relationship with the land rather than its commodification.

By honoring and documenting the numerous properties of the plants we use, we help to preserve the diversity of our plant world and ecosystems.

We’re passionate about the ingredients that go into each of our products and where they come from. Our respect for nature is the reason we strive to always source plants ethically and sustainably. By partnering with local organic farms and independent traders, we can ensure that every single essence in our products is high-quality, skin-safe, and adheres to our stringent guidelines for human and environmental health.

hikma’s products are expertly developed in small batches with formulations that are stripped back to the basics—allowing our all-natural ingredients to shine.

You can learn about each of our ingredients here

hikma’s community is based on connection: connection with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. Our aim is to create a space for curiosity and learning, and to give back to our community by providing resources and opportunities for connection, growth, and to experience an approach to well-being that is rooted in herbalism. We invite you to be a part of that community by connecting with us here.