hikma’s apothecary space at The Third Line in Alserkal is a herbal dispensary which builds on the tradition of the attar.

Botanical and plant-based remedies have been long used in the region for the purpose of supporting health with the first apothecaries, or atareen, established in the Arab world in Baghdad in 754. hikma focuses primarily on plants that are indigenous to the region such as Nigella Sativa, known as Habbat al-baraka and aims to primarily source its plants and botanicals locally. From dried herbs, mushrooms, infused oils to tinctures and powders, hikma products are an invitation to slow down and are the opposite of a quick fix—they are designed to be incorporated into our daily practices.

In addition to dispensing herbs and herbal offerings, the hikma apothecary is a community space at the convergence of art, culture and environmental stewardship.

One on One Herbal consultations

If you wish to obtain more specialised advice on which herbs and plants can best support you, you may contact us to book a 1:1 herbal consultation with one of our trained herbalists.

Within our sessions we will delve deep into your health, discussing not only your most pressing symptoms and concerns, but also the body systems that intertwine with these. You will have the space to openly talk about your health, how it is that you’ve come to this point in time, and everything that’s impacted you up until now.

This is a moment for you to tell your story and be listened to compassionately and with understanding.

We can guide you to specific plants, as well as create protocols which can include bespoke blends and herbal extracts to best support your health and innate ability to heal.