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For Mothers

For Mothers

Introducing "For Mothers", a lovingly curated collection of herbal offerings by hikma. Designed with the utmost care and attention to the unique needs of mothers. This collection of herbal products offers a nurturing sanctuary for new moms during their transformative journey.

This box contains:

Restore, a synergistic powder blend of shatavari, eleuthero and rose to balance hormones, aid immunity and support your liver and adrenals. To enjoy at the start of the day.


For Mothers, a herbal blend of motherwort, oat straw, raspberry leaf, nettle, fennel seed & marshmallow root to nourish your body, calm your soul and tone your uterus. It will also encourage milk supply and reduce baby’s colic. Enjoy as an infusion up to 3 cups a day.


Heal, a nipple & belly balm with calendula, lavender, rose, shea butter, almond oil and beeswax to soften and soothe sore nipples, help combat stretch marks and reduce inflammation.


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