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Moon Time

Moon Time

Promote a balanced cycle with this regulating formula. Chaste tree berry helps optimize hormonal balance, while milk thistle acts as a liver support, making it an excellent ally in encouraging hormonal health. This tincture may also help ease menstrual discomfort over time; passionflower has a calming effect while red raspberry leaf acts as a uterine tonic. The addition of the aptly-named cramp bark works to soften the impact of acute cramps.

Helps to: supports hormonal balance and health, ease PMS, keep cramps at bay.

Add 20 drops to a small glass of water or directly onto the tongue; consume once daily and pause during bleed. This tincture is most beneficial after consistent, long-term use. Use for a minimum of three months to experience its full effectiveness.

Consult your healthcare professional if pregnant or breastfeeding. May contain allergens. 

Size: 50 ml

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